New Hampshire Ergonomics laws & safety compliance analysis

New Hampshire Ergonomics : What you need to know

State Requirements

New Hampshire requires all employers to evaluate ergonomic-related injuries in their workplaces, modify procedures and facilities, and train employees to prevent such injuries.

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The state Labor Code has safety and health rules applicable to all workplaces, including workplaces in buildings, sheds, structures, offices, sites, or places owned, leased, or used in connection with employee activity.

Please see the New Hampshire OSHA section.

All employers are responsible for evaluating incidents of ergonomic-related injuries, including repetitive motion trauma, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back injuries, and modifying the workplace and work procedures to prevent recurrences (NH Code Admin. Rules Lab. Sec. 1403.18)

Employers should also develop training procedures for employees on preventing ergonomic injuries as described.

Please see the national Ergonomics section.

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