Ohio Smoking laws & safety compliance analysis

Ohio Smoking: What you need to know

The SmokeFree Workplace Act, also known as the SmokeFree Ohio law, prohibits smoking in most public places and in public and private places of employment with one or more employees and in locations immediately adjacent to doorways and entrances (OH Rev. Code 3794.01et seq., OH Admin. Code Sec. 3701-52-01et seq.).

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Included in the prohibition are restaurants and bars, parking garages, warehouses and storage areas, company vehicles, public transit conveyances, and tourist transport vehicles.

Outdoor smoking. The Act does not define "outdoor." The owner, manager, or person in control of a public place or place of employment may prohibit smoking in outdoor areas surrounding the facility. Receptacles may be provided at entrances for disposal of smoking materials.


Outdoor patios. Outdoor patio areas are exempt from the smoking ban if they are physically separated from an enclosed area and are away from entrances, windows, and air intakes for ventilation systems. The flow of air in the patio must not be impeded by roofs, awnings, or umbrellas.

Loading docks and bays. Loading docks and bays in facilities are not considered entrances to the workplace.

Private clubs. Private clubs having no employees are exempt when no one except members and individuals over the age of 18 are present. Smoke from the club may not travel to adjacent facilities.

Hotel and motel rooms. Designated smoking rooms in hotels and motels, retail tobacco stores, and private clubs with no employees are exempt from the law.

Nursing homes. Nursing homes may designate indoor smoking areas for use of residents only and not employees.

Tobacco stores and businesses. Freestanding retail tobacco stores and businesses manufacturing tobacco ...

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