Washington Smoking laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Smoking: What you need to know

The Washington Smoking in Public Places Act prohibits smoking in any public place or vehicle and in all places of employment. Public places include, but are not limited to: public elevators, hallways, rest rooms, lobbies and waiting areas; schools and educational facilities; libraries; hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and healthcare facilities; retail stores and enclosed shopping centers; financial institutions; service facilities; theaters, auditoriums, and exhibition halls; bowling alleys, skating rinks, and indoor sports arenas; restaurants, bars, taverns, and nontribal casinos; public transportation vehicles and facilities and enclosed areas of state ferries; state legislative chambers and public hearing facilities and adjoining hallways; and private clubs and card rooms when open to the public (WA Rev. Code Sec. 70.160.010et seq).

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The director of fire protection and the chief of the Washington State Patrol may also order that smoking be prohibited in other designated venues.

Outdoor smoking near covered buildings. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of entrances, exits, windows that open, or air ventilation outlets of covered buildings. Owners, managers, or employers may apply to the local health department or district to have the distance lessened if they can give convincing evidence that the unique circumstances of the location of outdoor smoking areas nearer than 25 feet to a building will allow smoke to enter the building.

Persons passing by a covered building while on a public sidewalk or right of way are exempt from this prohibition.

Exceptions. Smoking is permitted in the following instances:

  • Outdoor workplaces except when within 25 feet of enclosed workplaces
  • A private residence ...

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