California Eye and Face Protection laws & safety compliance analysis

California Eye and Face Protection: What you need to know

California has adopted eye and face protection rules in general industry workplaces that mirror federal rules, and added its own provisions that are stricter than federal rules (8 CCR 3382).

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Cal/OSHA administers and enforces workplace safety and health requirements in California.

Eye Protection
8 CCR 3382

Contact lenses are prohibited in environments having harmful exposure to materials or light flashes, except when special, medically approved, precautionary procedures have been established.

Laser Protection. Employees exposed to laser beams must be provided with laser safety goggles that provide protection for the specific wavelength of the laser with adequate optical density (OD) for the energy involved. Table EP-2 lists the maximum power or energy density for which adequate protection is afforded by glasses of OD from 5 through 8.

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