Michigan Eye and Face Protection laws & safety compliance analysis

Michigan Eye and Face Protection: What you need to know

Michigan has adopted workplace safety rules for eye and face protection that mirror federal rules, and has added provisions for cleanliness of protectors, design and construction of eye protectors, and face shields that are stricter than federal rules.

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The Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth/Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) administers and enforces workplace safety and health standards in the state.

MAC r. 408.13312

Employers are required to provide eye or face protection for glare and electrical flash.

Contact lenses or standard hardened or plastic prescription lenses do not constitute eye protection.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be able to withstand sanitizing and be distinctly marked to identify the manufacturer. Employers must transmit to the user the limitations or precautions indicated by the manufacturer and ensure that the limitations or precautions are observed.

MAC r. 408.13313

Cleaning facilities for protectors must be provided away from the hazard but readily accessible to the wearer. A slack, worn out, sweat-soaked, knotted, or twisted headband must be replaced. A face or eye protector is a personal item and must be for the individual and exclusive use of the person to whom it is issued. If circumstances require reissue, the protector must be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and in good condition.

MAC r. 408.13350 to r. 408.13369

The state regulations for eye protectors contain detailed design and construction specifications for various types of eye protectors, lenses, and goggles. Following are the citations for specific eye ...

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