California Head Protection laws & safety compliance analysis

California Head Protection: What you need to know

California has adopted head protection rules in general industry workplaces that mirror federal rules, and added its own provisions that are stricter than federal rules (8 CCR 3381).

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Cal/OSHA administers and enforces workplace safety and health requirements in California.

In its current regulation, Cal/OSHA incorporates ANSI Z89.1-1997 for helmets placed in service after October 30, 2004.

Each approved protective helmet must have the original marking that identifies the manufacturer, ANSI designated standard number and date, and ANSI designated class of helmet.

In addition to following ANSI standards for head protection, Cal/OSHA requires that, where there is a risk of injury from hair entanglements in moving parts of machinery, combustibles or toxic contaminants, employees must confine their hair to eliminate the hazard.

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