Washington Head Protection laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Head Protection: What you need to know

Washington follows the federal head protection requirements and has adopted additional provisions for caps, hairnet, and hair cover around flammables that are stricter than the federal rules (WAC 296-800-16055).

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The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules.

WAC 296-800-16055

Caps. Employees working around machinery or in locations that present a hair-catching or fire hazard must wear caps or head coverings that completely cover their hair. Caps with metal buttons or metal visors must not be worn around electrical hazards.

Hairnet. Employees must wear a hairnet that controls all loose ends when hair is as long as the radius of pressure rolls with exposed in-running nip points, or when hair is twice as long as the circumference of exposed revolving shafts or tools in fixed machines.

Solid hair covering. Employees must wear a hair covering of solid material when the employee is exposed to an ignition source, and may run into an area containing Class 1 flammable liquids such as ether, benzene, or combustible atmospheres if their hair is on fire.

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