Minnesota PPE - General laws & safety compliance analysis

Minnesota PPE - General: What you need to know

Minnesota has adopted the federal safety rules for personal protective equipment (PPE) in general industry workplaces by reference (MR 5205.0010), and has adopted additional requirements for head protection and PPE near motor vehicles that are stricter than federal PPE requirements. See the state PPE--Head Protection topic for more information about the head protection requirement.

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The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (MDLI) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules in the state.

MR 5205.0030

Employers must require employees exposed to or working adjacent to moving motor vehicle traffic as part of the employee's assigned job to wear a high-visibility warning vest or other high-visibility garment. A high-visibility garment is defined as being a Class 2 garment or greater as specified by the American National Standards Institute/International Safety Equipment Association (ANSI/ISEA) 107-2004 (or latest edition), American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel. Any smaller garments that do not meet the background material specifications for Class 2 as defined in ANSI/ISEA 107-2004 (or latest edition) must be rated by the manufacturer as greater than or exceeding Class 1 requirements.

Where permanent or semi-permanent barricades are in place to protect employees from moving motor vehicles, employees are not required to wear high-visibility PPE while working inside these protected areas.

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