Oregon Slips and Falls laws & safety compliance analysis

Oregon Slips and Falls: What you need to know

Oregon has adopted the federal rules for slips, trips, and falls (walking and working surfaces) for general industry workplaces by reference (OAR 437-002-0020), and has added provisions for barriers, watchperson, clearance, aisles and passageways, antislip surfaces, ladders, ramps and runways, piers and wharves, and other surfaces that are stricter than federal rules. Walking and working surfaces include ladders, industrial stairs, and scaffolds. See the state Ladders analysis for information about ladder requirements.

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The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services/Occupational Safety and Health Division (OR-OSHA) administers and enforces safety and health requirements in private and public sector workplaces.

OAR 437-002-0022

Barriers and warning lights for openings and excavations. Protective barriers or suitable guards must be erected when covers over openings are removed or excavations are made in places accessible to vehicular or pedestrian traffic. Warning lights or flares must be displayed if work is being done at night. These protective measures must be maintained until permanent or adequate covers or barricades are in place or the hazard removed.

Watchperson. A watchperson must be stationed where temporary conditions do not permit safeguarding of employees through the use of warning signs, lights, protective barriers, or covers.

Vertical clearance. A vertical clearance of not less than 6.5 feet (ft) must be provided over work areas. Where it is otherwise impractical to secure adequate head room, overhead obstructions may be padded or may be indicated by means of contrasting paint, telltales, or similar means, if such means will furnish adequate ...

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