Utah Slips and Falls laws & safety compliance analysis

Utah Slips and Falls: What you need to know

Utah has adopted the federal safety and health regulations for protection from slips, trips, and falls (walking and working surfaces) in general industry workplaces (R614-1-4) and has adopted its own rules for falls that are stricter than federal rules.

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The Utah Labor Commission/Division of Occupational Safety and Health (UOSH) administers and enforces safety and health rules for private and public sector workplaces in the state.


Except when their use creates a greater hazard, lifelines and safety harnesses must be provided for and used by workers engaged in window washing, in securing or shifting thrust-outs, inspecting or working on overhead machines supporting scaffolds or other high rigging, and on steeply pitched roofs. They must be provided and used by:

  • All employees exposed to the hazard of falling
  • Workers on poles or on steel frame construction more than 10 feet above solid ground or above a temporary or permanent floor or platform

Every lifeline and safety harness must be inspected by the superintendent or an authorized representative, by the worker before it is used, and at least once a week while in use (R614-1-6(D)).

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