Washington Slips and Falls laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Slips and Falls: What you need to know

Washington’s general industry rules for slips and falls (walking and working surfaces) include the federal general industry walking and working surfaces rules, with additional requirements for aisles, passageways, covers, guardrails, fixed industrial stairs, and ladders (including employee ladder training) that are stricter than federal general industry rules.

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See the Ladders topic for more information about state requirements for fixed and portable ladders.

Washington’s slips and falls rules apply to all permanent places of employment, except where only domestic, mining, or agricultural work is performed. Construction work is not considered a permanent place of employment and therefore it is not covered under these rules.

Washington has adopted extensive requirements for suspended and supported scaffolds for general industry workplaces that are stricter than federal general industry requirements.

The slips and falls topic includes:

  • Aisles and passageways (WAC 296-24-73505)
  • Floor openings, holes, and open-sided floors (fall protection) (WAC 296-24-75001 to 296-24-75011)
  • Fixed industrial stairs (WAC 296-24-76501 to WAC 296-24-76555)
  • Fixed and portable ladders (wood and metal) (WAC 296-876-100 to 296-876-400)
  • Dockboards, forging machine areas, and veneer machinery areas (WAC 296-876-85501 to WAC 296-876-85505)

The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) administers and enforces workplace safety and health rules.

WAC 296-24-73501 to WAC 296-24-73511

Aisles and passageways (marking). The method of marking aisles and passageways may include marked pillars, powder stripping, flags, traffic cones, or barrels, provided they are maintained in ...

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