Washington Accidents laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Accidents: What you need to know

The state has adopted requirements for reporting and investigating accidents that are stricter than the federal rules (WAC 296-800-32005 to 296-800-32025).

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The Department of Labor and Industries' Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) administers and enforces the workplace safety and health rules in Washington.

WAC 296-800-32005M

Employers in Washington must report a fatality, probable death, or hospitalization incident that involves any employees within 8 hours. The employer must contact DOSH or call the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at 800-321-6742.

WAC 296-800-32010 to 296-800-32025

DOSH investigation. Under any of the following three conditions do not move any equipment involved in an accident or incident until a representative of DOSH investigates and releases the equipment, unless moving the equipment is necessary to remove victims or to prevent further incidents and injuries:

  • A death
  • A probable death
  • Hospitalization of any employee

Assign the following people to the DLI investigation:

  • The immediate supervisor
  • Employees who were witnesses to the incident
  • Other employees the investigator feels are necessary to complete the investigation

Employer preliminary investigation. The employer must conduct a preliminary investigation for all serious injuries. Such an investigation must include the following people to evaluate the facts of the cause of the incident:

  • A person designated by the employer
  • The immediate supervisor of the injured employee
  • Witnesses
  • An employee representative, such as a shop steward or other person chosen by the employees to represent them
  • Any other person who has relevant experience and ...

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