Washington Inspections laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington Inspections : What you need to know

Comparison: State vs. Federal

The state workplace safety and health requirements for agency inspections of the employer’s workplace are more comprehensive than the federal requirements in that there are additional circumstances that may trigger programmed inspections. The state has adopted self-inspection requirements for HAZWOPER, ladders, machine guarding, and welding that are stricter than federal requirements.

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The Washington Department of Labor and Industries (DLI) Division of Safety and Health (DOSH) enforces the workplace safety and health inspection requirements for private and public sector workplaces. The U.S. EPA or OSHA may conduct joint inspections at dangerous waste facilities or workplaces where hazardous chemicals are used, manufactured, or processed.

Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) inspects transporters used to carry solid waste. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) ensures compliance with the hazardous materials transportation regulations, including those for radioactive materials. The UTC registers hazardous materials motor carriers and conducts safety audits.

State Requirements
Item Frequency
HAZWOPERWAC 296-843-11010 Perform periodic inspections to determine if the site-specific Health and Safety Plan is effective.
Machine GuardingWAC 296-806-200 to WAC 296-806-20058 Periodic inspections required for power presses and woodworking under federal rules apply to all machines that must be guarded.
Ladders-PortableWAC 296-876-30005 and WAC 296-876-700 When portable ladders are initially put into service, periodically inspect the ladder for visible defects.A competent person must inspect a ladder for visual defects periodically, and after any ...

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