Kansas OSHA laws & safety compliance analysis

Kansas OSHA : What you need to know

Rules. Kansas is not a "state plan" state; it does not have a federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program. Therefore, the OSH Act governs workplace safety and health in the private sector. For information on the federal requirements, see the national sections HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD, MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET, and OSHA.

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Public sector employers (state and local government offices, operations, and schools) in Kansas are governed by workplace safety and health abatement orders. Abatement orders usually cite federal safety and health standards when giving notice of violations, though the state has not adopted any specific rules of its own. Employers must respond to abatement orders within 60 days of issuance.

Administration and enforcement. OSHA administers and enforces occupational safety and health requirements in private sector workplaces in Kansas. KDOL issues abatement orders and administers the accident prevention program.

KS Stat. Ann. 44-5,104

Every insurance company or group-funded self-insurance plan providing workers’ compensation insurance coverage in Kansas has to provide accident prevention programs upon request of the covered employer. The programs must be adequate to provide accident prevention services required by the nature of the operations of the policyholders. The services provided with the program have to include surveys, recommendations, training programs, consultations, analyses of accident causes, industrial hygiene, and industrial health. Contact your insurance carrier for more information about these services.


KDOL offers consultation services to private sector employers ...

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