Missouri OSHA laws & safety compliance analysis

Missouri OSHA : What you need to know

Rules. In Missouri, the federal OSH Act and regulations govern private sector employers. There is currently no enforcement of safety and health regulations for public sector (state and municipal employers) workplaces. For detailed information on OSHA’s employee health and safety requirements, see the national section OSHA.

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Administration and enforcement. OSHA administers and enforces job safety and health rules for private sector workplaces in Missouri.


Consultation programs are available free of charge to help employers develop and implement worker safety and health programs that comply with federal safety rules.

On-Site Consultation

DOLIR’s Division of Labor Standards provides a free and confidential consultation service for private sector employers to assist them in complying with federal OSHA. Upon request from an employer, trained industrial hygienists and safety consultants visit the workplace, inform the employer of problems found, and offer recommendations for elimination of those hazards.

To receive such DOLIR services, businesses must meet the following conditions:

  • Be located in the state of Missouri.
  • Have 250 or fewer employees at any one site and fewer than 500 employees total.
  • Complete and submit a request for DOLIR service to be put on the backlog.
  • Be privately owned.
Workers’ Safety Program

Additional assistance with workplace safety is available directly from the DOLIR Department of Workers’ Compensation, Missouri Workers’ Safety Program. This program helps employers reduce the number of occupational injuries and diseases in workplaces. The service is offered to all employers—private, state, or municipal—who seek assistance in evaluating ...

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