Utah OSHA laws & safety compliance analysis

Utah OSHA : What you need to know

Comparison: State vs. Federal

Rules. Utah is among the "state-plan" states, which means it has received federal approval for its state regulatory program, the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Act, governing both private and public workplaces. Utah has adopted many of the federal standards by reference and has adopted stricter requirements applicable to emergency preparedness, electrical safety, machine guarding, material handling, personal protective equipment, process safety management (PSM), and recording injuries and illnesses. For a comprehensive review of the federal OSH Act and worker right-to-know rules, refer to the national sections OSHA and HAZARD COMMUNICATION STANDARD.

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Administration and enforcement. UOSH administers and enforces the state's workplace safety regulations.

State Requirements

The state has adopted its own requirements for flammable solids and safety precautions for explosives manufacturing and processing facilities.


Utah has adopted additional regulations for crushing, screening, and grinding equipment.


The state adopted its own warning system requirements for hydraulic cranes with power telescoping booms.


The state has adopted PPE rules that are stricter than federal rules for head protection (i.e., hair entanglement hazards) and protection against falls.


The state has adopted its own detailed rules for flammable solids such as combustible dust. No source of ignition is allowed in locations where a hazard of dust explosion might exist until all dust-producing operations have been stopped, any airborne dust has been allowed to settle, and the accumulated dusts and closed dust containers have been removed to the point at ...

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