Pennsylvania Safety Committees laws & safety compliance analysis

Pennsylvania Safety Committees: What you need to know

Pennsylvania employers can reduce their workers' compensation premiums by 5 percent each year for up to 5 years by setting up a workplace safety committee that meets the requirements for state certification.

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An employer with a certified workplace Safety Committee is eligible to receive a 5 percent insurance premium discount annually (PA Tit. 77 Sec. 1038.2 et seq.; 34 PA Admin. Code 129.1001 et seq.). The committee will operate for the purpose of hazard detection and accident prevention. A committee and its members must:

  • Have operated for 6 consecutive months prior to submitting the application for certification
  • Have a minimum of 2 employer and 2 employee representatives
  • Meet monthly
  • Keep records of meeting agendas, attendance lists, and meeting minutes
  • Be trained by a qualified trainer in safety committee operation, hazard inspection, and accident investigation prior to submitting the application for certification
  • Receive annual training after obtaining certification

The discount will be applied for up to 5 years after the safety committee is formed, as long as the employer provides written proof that the committee operates continuously during that time.

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