Florida Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

Florida Safety Plans: What you need to know

Private sector employers in Florida must comply with federal occupational safety and health standards for written safety plans for specific activities (e.g., bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, hazard communication plan) and for specific hazardous substances.

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There are no written safety plan requirements or any other safety and health requirements for public (state and local governments) sector workplaces in the state.

Workers’ compensation insurance premium credits or discounts are available for qualified insured employers in Florida that develop a formal workplace safety program (safety plan).

The Department of Financial Services/Division of Workers’ Compensation administers the workplace safety program.

FL Stat. 440.1025 and FL Stat. 627.0915

Private and public (state and local government operations) sector employers may be eligible for discounts on workers’ compensation insurance premiums if they develop either a formal workplace safety program, a drug-free workplace program, or both programs.

The safety program must include, at a minimum, a written safety policy with safety rules and provide for safety inspections, preventive maintenance, safety training, first aid, accident investigation, and necessary recordkeeping.

Insurance Rate Surcharge
FL Stat. 627.212

Insurance carriers may impose a surcharge of up to 10 percent on the premium of a policyholder or fund member if it has been identified by the Department of Financial Services as having been required to implement a safety program and failed to do so.

Self-Insured Employer Safety Program Premium Credit
FL Admin. Code 69L-5.221

Self-insurers may receive up to a 2 percent credit on the ...

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