Louisiana Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

Louisiana Safety Plans: What you need to know

Louisiana does not have a federally approved occupational safety and health regulatory program for the state; therefore, private sector (businesses and nonprofit organizations) workplaces must comply with federal requirements for written safety plans for specific activities (e.g., bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, hazard communication plan) and for specific hazardous substances.

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Employers of more than 15 people that are self-insured must have a fully implemented workplace Operational Safety Plan (OSP) in place as part of workers’ compensation insurance coverage in the state. Insurers must provide privately insured employers with such plans.

Certain private sector employers may qualify for a workers’ compensation insurance premium reduction if they implement an occupational safety and health plan as part of the state’s Cost Containment Program (CCP).

Private sector policyholders insured by the LA Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) must establish a written workplace accident and injury reduction (WAIR) plan.

Public sector (state government agencies, commissions, and school systems) workplaces must comply with the requirements of the state’s Loss Prevention Program (LPP).

Federal OSHA administers and enforces federal workplace safety plan requirements in private sector workplaces in the state. The Louisiana Workforce Commission’s (LWC) Workplace Safety section administers the OSP and the CCP for private sector employers. LWCC administers the WAIR plan requirements for private sector workplaces. The Louisiana Division of Administration/Office of Risk Management/Loss Prevention Unit administers the state LPP for public sector workplaces through periodic audits.


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