Missouri Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

Missouri Safety Plans: What you need to know

Private sector employers are regulated by federal workplace safety and health requirements. There are no state requirements for a written workplace safety plan in Missouri.

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Every workers’ compensation insurer must provide a safety program for its insured employees at the employer’s request. An employer with an effective safety program may be eligible for a workers’ compensation insurance premium discount.

MO Admin. Code Tit. 8 Sec. 50-7.010 to 50-7.120

Every workers' compensation insurer must provide a safety program for its insured employees at the employer's request (MO Rev. Stat. Sec. 287.123). The Missouri Employers' Mutual Insurance Company will develop specific workplace accident and injury reduction plans for its individual employers. After inspection, an employer with a good safety record and an effective program may be eligible for a premium discount.

Safety program assistance. The Missouri Workers’ Safety Program (MWSP) is an outreach program of the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation. The program’s mission is to help employers reduce workplace accidents and to provide advice on ways to reduce workers’ compensation insurance premiums. MWSP’s staff of safety consultants provides confidential, no obligation safety services that include a facility audit, seminars, and OSHA program review.

The program also:

  • Certifies the safety programs available from insurance carriers and self insured employers
  • Certifies safety consultants and engineers available for hire
  • Provides free copies of a wide variety of safety publications
  • Provides employers with a lending library of safety videos at no charge
  • Provides training and advice on a ...

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