Nevada Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

Nevada Safety Plans: What you need to know

Nevada has adopted the federal requirements for written safety plans for specific activities (e.g., bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, hazard communication plan) and for specific hazardous substances in both private and public sector workplaces.

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Nevada requires employers with more than 10 employees to establish a written safety program.

The NV Department of Business and Industry’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration administers the occupational safety and health rules, including requirements for the written safety program, in public and private sector workplaces.

NV Stat. 618.383, NAC 618.538, NAC 618.540, and NAC 618.542

Nevada requires employers in private and public sector workplaces with more than 10 employees to establish a written safety program. The only exception is for explosive manufacturers who are required to have a written safety program for any number of employees. Failure to have the required elements of the written program may result in a penalty of $1,000.

Program elements. The written safety program must contain:

  • A statement explaining that the managers, supervisors, and employees are responsible for carrying out the program.
  • An explanation of the methods used to identify, analyze, and control new and existing hazardous conditions.
  • An explanation of the methods used to ensure that employees receive the appropriate safety and health training before performing their work duties.
  • The procedures that must be followed to investigate an accident that has occurred and the corrective actions that must be initiated.
  • A method for ensuring that employees comply with the safety rules and work practices.

Recordkeeping. Employers who ...

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