North Dakota Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

North Dakota Safety Plans: What you need to know

Private sector employers are regulated by federal workplace safety and health requirements. There are no requirements for a written workplace safety plan in the state.

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North Dakota offers a 5 percent discount on annual workers’ compensation premiums if the employer participates in a state-sponsored safety program. The state offers an 8 percent discount (not to exceed $800) on the annual workers’ compensation premium for certain small employers. Employers who successfully participate in a substance abuse prevention program may receive an additional 3 percent premium discount. The availability of the risk management programs is contingent on sufficient fund surplus as determined by the organization.

NDAC 92-05-02

The state offers a 5 percent discount on annual workers' compensation premiums if the employer participates in the state-sponsored Workforce Safety and Insurance Risk Management Program and meets the basic program requirements (ND Stat. Chap. 65-04-19.1; NDAC 92-05-01). In order to qualify for the discount, the employer must have a written safety policy and a working safety program.

The policy must identify and define the safety responsibilities of both management and employees. It must include:

  • A safety policy signed by top management, identifying the responsibilities of management and employees for ensuring a safe workplace
  • An accident investigation and near-miss program (those incidents resulting in neither injury nor property damage)
  • General written minimum safety standards
  • Safe operating procedures and tasks involving recognized hazards
  • A claims management program that requires employees to report accidents
  • A list of essential job functions for ...

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