Oregon Safety Plans laws & safety compliance analysis

Oregon Safety Plans: What you need to know

Oregon has adopted the federal requirements for written safety plans for specific activities (e.g., bloodborne pathogens exposure control plan, hazard communication plan) and for specific hazardous substances in both private and public (state and local governments) sector workplaces.

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Employers that self-insure for worker’s compensation and that are in a group self-insured program must establish a written loss-prevention plan.

The OR Department of Consumer and Business Services, Occupational Safety and Health Division, administers the workplace safety and health rules for public and private sector workplaces, including the requirements for the loss-prevention plan under workers’ compensation rules.

OR Admin. Rule 437-001-1040 and OR Admin. Rule 437-001 Appendix A Worksheet

Self-insured employers in Oregon and each employer in of a group self-insured program with a claims frequency or severity greater than its average employer in the same industry must establish and implement a written loss-prevention plan for each establishment. At a minimum, the plan must provide for a loss-prevention effort within the normal functions of the business for prevention or reduction of health and safety injuries and illnesses. In addition, the plan must inform its managers and workplace locations of the availability and the process for requesting loss-prevention assistance.

The loss-prevention plan must identify and control all reasonably discoverable occupational safety and health hazards and items not in compliance with the federal or state occupational safety and health laws, rules, and standards. The self-insured group must assist each member of the group in developing and ...

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