Nevada Training laws & safety compliance analysis

Nevada Training : What you need to know

Nevada has adopted training requirements that are stricter than federal rules for tower crane operators, process safety management (PSM) for employees who handle explosives and ammonium perchlorate, and employees performing tasks under the written workplace safety and health programs. Nevada has also adopted its own safety training certification requirements for construction workers. See the state Training (Construction) analysis for more information. Nevada follows the federal rules for all other workplace safety and health training rules.

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The Nevada Department of Business and Industry’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration administers workplace safety and health rules for private and public sector employers in the state.

Topic Training Refresher Training
Cranes and Slings NAC 618.402 to 618.410 Tower crane operators. Operators must have a valid certificate of competency issued by an NV OSHA—approved certification program in order to operate a tower crane. Recertify every 5 years
PSM—Explosives Handling NAC 618.5117 and NAC 618.5118 Employees must participate in an explosives training course and pass an examination before being assigned to duties relating to the manufacturing of explosives. Annually
PSM—Ammonium Perchlorate NAC 618 Employers must ensure that contractors engaged in the manufacture, handling, and storage of ammonium perchlorate are trained to perform their work safely.  
Safety and Health Program NAC 618.540 Employees must receive training for all tasks performed under the requirements of the written safety and health program. Employers must maintain training attendance records for 3 years.  

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