Wyoming Workers' Compensation laws & safety compliance analysis

Wyoming Workers' Compensation: What you need to know

Who Is Covered?

All workers employed in "extra-hazardous" occupations must be covered by workers' compensation insurance (WY Stat. Sec. 27-14-101et seq.). Wyoming law specifies some 80 extra-hazardous occupations and an extra-hazardous industrial classification. Almost every occupation is included except office work, although office work is covered if it is performed in any of the specified industrial classifications. Public employees are covered by the law, as are volunteer firefighters, ambulance drivers, constables, and search-and-rescue personnel. Volunteer workers are covered by the fire districts or counties that they serve. Corporate officers must be covered if they are exposed in any way to the hazards of the business. Applicants or recipients of general assistance who work for part of their assistance are covered, as are parolees and prisoners who are employed pursuant to court order. Only those in the following occupations are specifically excluded from coverage:

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• Casual employees

• Employees of private households

• Private-duty nurses

• Clerical employees not subject to hazards in their employment

• Sole proprietors and business partners

• Corporate officers, unless coverage is elected

• Spouse or dependents of an employer living in the employer's household

• Professional athletes

• Employees of illegal enterprises

• Independent contractors

• Elected public officials, except for sheriffs

• Owners and operators of motor vehicles leased or contracted to for-hire common carriers

Employers may elect to provide coverage for employees for whom it is not mandatory. By electing to provide coverage, the employer gains immunity to lawsuits by injured workers (WY Stat. Sec. 27-14-102). If a corporation, limited liability company, ...

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