Delaware HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

Delaware HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. Generally, Delaware follows the federal hazardous materials transportation regulations as they apply to motor carriers. The state has not adopted the requirements for immediate notice of hazardous materials incidents or for detailed hazardous materials reports (49 CFR 171.15 and 49 CFR 171.16).

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Delaware has specific requirements that apply to the transportation of gasoline in tanker trucks.

· Administration and enforcement. DAWM administers and enforces the gasoline transport rules. DPS issues commercial driver's licenses. DHSH enforces the hazardous materials transportation regulations.

7 DE Admin Code 1124.27

Gasoline tanker truck owners and operators are subject to delivery vessel permitting and testing requirements. The regulations ensure that tankers delivering to gasoline stations with Stage I controls are vapor controlled and vapor tight.

Each year, owners are required to:

  • Have each tanker truck tested for vapor-tight integrity
  • Submit the test results to DNREC

DNREC will review the test results to ensure vapor-tight compliance and issue a permit for each tanker. The permit is in letter form, and explains all regulatory conditions for tankers to meet Stage I requirements. A copy of the permit must accompany each tanker truck delivery vessel.

Gasoline tanker trucks must also display a sticker near the DOT Certification plate that:

  • Shows the date the truck last passed the vapor-tight integrity test
  • Shows the identification number of the truck tank
  • Expires not more than 1 year after the date of the integrity test

Hatches on the tanker truck must be closed at all times except during measurement of the product level or during maintenance. ...

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