Kentucky HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

Kentucky HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. Kentucky has adopted by reference the federal hazardous materials regulations as they apply to the transportation of hazardous materials by motor carriers. The state has additional notification requirements in the event of a spill.

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· Administration and enforcement. HBC's Hazardous Materials Section inspects vehicles that are used for the transportation of hazardous materials. The Department of Vehicle Regulations enforces the federal hazardous materials regulations in Kentucky.

KRS 174.420

In the event of an accident involving hazardous materials in Kentucky, the operator of the vehicle must notify the Kentucky State Police within 1 hour. The operator must also provide the shipping papers to state and local emergency response authorities and immediately bring to their attention the fact that the vehicle is transporting hazardous materials.

KRS 174.990

Anyone who willfully hauls, transports, or causes any hazardous material to be transported out of, within, or through Kentucky in violation of a statute, regulation, or order is subject to fines. See the state section Enforcement for more information concerning state-specific fines for hazardous materials transportation violations.

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