New Jersey HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

New Jersey HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. New Jersey has adopted by reference most of the federal hazardous materials regulations as they apply to motor carriers, with some differences in notification and reporting requirements and added prohibitions for hazmat transportation through the Route 29 tunnel in Trenton. See the national section HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TRANSPORTERS for more information.

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New Jersey has not adopted 49 CFR 171.1, 49 CFR 171.4, 49 CFR 171.6, 49 CFR 171.20, 49 CFR 173.32a, and 49 CFR 179.3 to 179.5. In addition, NJAC 16:49 applies to the transportation of hazardous materials by rail or motor carrier. Modes of transportation by air, water, or pipeline are specifically excluded.

· Administration and enforcement. NJDOT and the State Police enforce the hazardous materials regulations in New Jersey.

Discharge Notification and Reports
NJAC 16:49-1.2

New Jersey does not include the requirement for notification if a release of a marine pollutant above 450 liters (119 gallons (gal)) or 400 kilograms (kg) (882 pounds (lb)) occurs.

Unlike the federal regulations, New Jersey does not require that detailed reports be submitted in the event of structural damage to the lading retention system of specification cargo tank with a capacity of 1,000 gallons or greater containing any hazardous material even if no hazardous material is released of if an undeclared hazardous material is discovered. However, the state does require that a report be filed if there has been an unintentional release of hazardous materials from a package (including a tank).

In addition, unlike the federal regulation, New Jersey does not require a detailed report if a fire, violent rupture, explosion, or dangerous evolution ...

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