Ohio HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

Ohio HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. Ohio adopts the federal hazardous materials regulations as they apply to hazardous materials transporters. All persons who transport hazardous materials (which includes hazardous wastes) into or through Ohio must apply to PUCO for a uniform hazardous materials registration and permit. This requirement is applicable to all "motor carriers." Hazardous waste transporters must comply with additional state discharge notification and manifest requirements in addition to all federal transporter regulations.

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· Administration and enforcement. PUCO and the Ohio State Highway Patrol enforce the rules for hazardous materials transportation in Ohio. The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles issues commercial driver's licenses in the state.

National Uniform Program

Ohio participates in the Alliance for Uniform Hazmat Transportation Procedures (National Uniform Program), which allows a hazardous materials transporter to carry a Uniform Program credential that will be valid in all the participating states. This means the permit credentials of transporters who originate, pass through, or are destined for locations in participating states will be honored. . In addition to Ohio, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and West Virginia are among the participating states.

Registration and Permitting
OAC 4901:2-6-04 to 4901:2-6-06, and OAC 4901:2-6-10

No one may transport hazardous materials by motor carrier in Ohio unless that person maintains a valid registration under the Uniform Program. Part I of the uniform application is the registration section. The registration is valid for 1 year.

Part II of the uniform application is the permit section. Part III of the ...

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