Pennsylvania HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

Pennsylvania HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. Pennsylvania has adopted the federal hazardous materials regulations with the addition of supplemental rules for registration, towing of vehicles, extended loads, reckless transport, and special permits for cargo tanks.

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· Administration and enforcement. PENNDOT's Motor Carrier Division administers and enforces rules for hazardous materials carriers.

Hazardous Material Motor Carriers
67 Pa. Code 403.7(a)

Carriers transporting hazardous materials in or through Pennsylvania in quantities requiring markings or placarding must register with PENNDOT every year on forms obtained from the Department. A copy of the form must be sent to the Department and a copy must be kept at the carrier's place of business for 3 years.

67 Pa. Code 403.7(b) to (d)

Motor vehicles that are carrying hazardous materials in quantities that require markings or placarding may not be towed on a highway in Pennsylvania except to remove the vehicle and cargo to nearest place of safety. The decision to tow is the carrier's; however, the carrier should consult with local emergency officials when possible. The hazardous materials should be stabilized before the vehicle is moved, unless not moving it immediately would constitute a threat to people or property.

No one may transport hazardous materials when the load extends beyond the sides, front, or rear of the cargo-carrying compartment of the vehicle. Also, no one may transport hazardous materials on a highway in a reckless manner or under any conditions that may unreasonably endanger people or property.

Cargo Tanks
67 Pa. Code s403.7(g)

Cargo tanks used in the transportation of hazardous materials within Pennsylvania must ...

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