Washington HazMat Transportation laws & safety compliance analysis

Washington HazMat Transportation: What you need to know

· Rules. Washington has adopted the federal hazardous materials transporter requirements as they apply to the transportation of hazardous materials on public highways. The state has additional inspection provisions for carriers of radioactive waste materials.

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· Administration and enforcement. WSP is responsible for ensuring compliance with hazardous materials transportation regulations, including those for radioactive wastes. UTC registers carriers and conducts safety audits at the company terminal. These audits involve safety records related to vehicle maintenance, driver qualifications, drug and alcohol testing, and inspection of vehicles.

WAC 480-14-090 and WAC 480-14-190

UTC will issue a common carrier permit to any applicant who:

  • Files the appropriate application for either intrastate or interstate carriers.
  • Meets the insurance requirements, which are the same as the federal.

Permit holders must carry a copy of operating authority issued by UTC on each power unit operated in intrastate operations.

Application Fees
WAC 480-14-140

The application fee for permanent common carrier operating authority for hazardous materials is $275.

The fee for extension of common carrier permit operating authority is $100.

The fee for reinstatement (within 10 months of cancellation) is $100.

Reporting and Fees
WAC 480-14-150

If requested by UTC, common carriers operating in intrastate commerce must file an annual report, along with the periodic special report, on or before May 1. The report includes a statement of oath showing the carrier’s gross operating revenue from intrastate operations during the prior calendar year.

The carrier’s regulatory fee, calculated as ...

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