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OSHA Launches Pilot Program for Whistleblower Severe Violators

Topic: Regulatory Developments, Enforcement and Inspection

Recently, OSHA announced that it is launching a pilot program aimed at employers who “continually and willfully” disregard the right of whistleblowers. Called the Whistleblower Severe Violator Enforcement Program or W-SVEP, the program will be similar to the existing Severe Violator Enforcement Program, which includes employers that routinely ignore safety and health regulations. The pilot program took effect on May 27, 2016, in OSHA’s Kansas City Region.

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Free Report: Rising OSHA Fines? Don’t Panic—Prequalify.

With OSHA penalties poised to skyrocket, employers have a solution at hand to help save money and improve safety: contractor prequalification. OSHA is preparing to play catch-up, and employers are taking notice. In November 2015, a new budget deal set into motion some major changes in OSHA’s penalty structure. The “catch up adjustment” will allow OSHA fines, which have not been raised in decades, to increase to account for inflation.

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Q&A: Electronic Recordkeeping Rule

Topic: Recordkeeping

Recently, we received the following question from a subscriber:

What is the new OSHA tracking rule all about, and when will it go into effect?

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Report Finds Rampant Risks for NYC Garbage Workers

Topic: Personnel Safety

It’s common knowledge that working with garbage is difficult and smelly. But a new report reveals that commercial waste work is among New York City’s most dangerous jobs.

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Q&A: Flammable Liquids in Spray Bottles

Topic: Q&A, Chemicals

Recently, one of our subscribers asked the following question:

We have a lacquer thinner solution, a Category 2 flammable liquid, and plan to dispense it from an ordinary quart-sized spray bottle. The solution will be used as a cleaning solution; spray on and wipe off. Will this be a violation of any sort, NFPA or OSHA?

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EU Seeks Protection from Cancer-Causing Chemicals

Topic: Chemicals

The European Union (EU) Commission has issued a proposal to limit exposure to 13 chemical agents. Find out what’s involved and how the issue affects global businesses.

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